·       When choosing your mattress, please ensure that the depth is no bigger than 7 inches and fits snuggly so that it leaves a gap from the top of the safety rail to the top of the mattress of 16cm. It is your responsibility to ensure this gap remains, if you would like the rail to be made any higher or lower, please do let us know. If you request the rail to be made lower and the mattress depth does not comply, this is at your own risk.
·       The top bunk should not be used for any child under the age of 6. 
·       If you have any child under the age of 6 in your household we recommend that you have a safety gate fitted at the bottom of the staircase to support preventing the child from climbing the stairs and if you do have a ladder on the bed please ensure your child knows the dangers and is supervised.
·       If you have drawers built into your product, please ensure drawers are closed at all times unless in use as these can be a tripping hazard. As all beds are handmade, we use wooden drawer runners. These also prevent the drawers from sliding open on their own.
·       Please ensure your child is not left unattended when using the drawers. 
·       The bottom bunk of any bed is not recommended for any children under the age of two. 
·       If selling the bed, this document should be given to the buyer or anyone intending to use the bed. 
·       No child should lean or climb on the safety rails of the bed. 
·       Please do not tamper with or scratch the bed as this could cause sharp or rough edges that can cause injury. 
·       Please check all fixings in the bed regularly to ensure that none have become loose and if they have re-tighten these immediately. 
·       If you need to access the space underneath the bed, then you should always dismantle first before trying to access the space 
·       Do not use this bed frame if any parts are missing, damaged or worn. 
·       Do not use this bed frame unless all fixings are secured. 
·       If you would like to disassemble the bed, please ensure that you do this correctly by following the instructions and when reassembling please ensure that you follow all instructions correctly. (Please contact us for instructions if you do not have these.) 
·       If any parts are damaged when disassembling, please do not use the bed.
·       Please ensure that the room is well ventilated to prevent the bed moulding. 
·       This product has not been designed or constructed as play equipment. 
·       Do not allow any person to bounce anywhere on the bed frame or on the mattress when positioned on the bed.
·       Please place a lamp/light near the stairs/ladder of the bed at night time so that the person can see where they are going.
·       Do not place lamp to close to bed, to ensure that they are not near any pillows, quilts or mattresses as this can be a fire hazard. Alternatively, you could use LED lamps that do not produce any heat. 
·       Please ensure that the area around the bed is free from clutter so that the bed is easily accessible and if a child was to fall from the bed then the severity of injury may be decreased. 
·       When assembling the bed, please follow instructions carefully and if you have any problems give us a call. 
·       Do not allow any person to swing or jump on or under the bed.
·       Always use the ladder or stairs to climb up to and down from the top bunk.
·       Do not replace original parts with substitutes. Spare parts must be obtained from Funky Bunk Beds.
·       Always use the bed on a level, even surface. 
·       We recommend that the bed is placed on a piece of carpet instead of laminate/tiled flooring to decrease the risk of the bed moving. We do not provide any type of flooring, so this is your responsibility to source this yourself if you do not already have this.
·       Please keep bed away from lights, windows or other objects to ensure that the child when using the bed cannot reach these things. 
·       Please keep all small parts out of reach of children. 
·       Please ensure that there are no naked flames on or around the bed. 
·       Please ensure that there are no persons smoking while near or on the bed. 
·       If any of the parts of the bed become damaged or lose do not use the bed until these pieces have been fixed or replaced. 
·       If we are assembling the bed for you, please ensure that you take these points into consideration before instructing us on where/how you would like the bed positioned. This document is set out to recommend the health and safety guidelines and you are responsible for ensuring the instructions given to our driver complies with these. 
·       We can offer a service to paint the bed white or any other colour for you or you can choose to paint yourself. If you do decide to paint the bed yourself, we recommend that this is done before using the bed. When painting we recommend sanding all edges between coats and un-sanded edges can be rough. 
·       If we paint the beds for you, we recommend that they should be wiped down once assembled and left for 24 hours after assembly. 

CAUTION: There is a risk of strangulation to children from items such as ropes, string, cords, harnesses and belts hanging from the bed frame. 
WARNING: Children can become trapped between the bedframe and the wall. To avoid risk of serious injuries the gap between the top rail and the wall should not exceed 75mm, or it should be more than 230mm. 
WARNING: If this bed is placed on a non-carpeted floor you must place some protection under the bed to stop the frame from moving. If this is not adhered to there is no guarantee if the bed frame collapses. If we are assembling the bed for you it is your responsibility to put something down on the floor before we assemble. 

Care & Maintenance 
·       Please assemble in the room of use. 
·       Periodically check all screws & fixings to ensure they are secure.
·       Do not push the bed frame. 
·       Bed frame must be disassembled before moving.
Always lift parts of the bed with two people to reposition. 
·       Keep any sharp objects away from the frame.