Where It All Began....

We searched the internet for a bunk bed for our two children, who were having their bedroom decorated in our new two bedroomed flat. Ideally we needed the bed to be made to fit the room as it was very small. A single sized bed took up the whole room! We struggled to find a company who were able to provide us with the bed that we needed, which would also be within our budget! In the end after searching high and low without success, we had no choice but to make our own bed. With my husband being a qualified and well experienced joiner/ carpenter, he thoroughly enjoyed this task. The bed we made was practical and cost effective for our small budget but also had a funky edge! We shared the bed with our friends and family online and we had great feedback! Two months later we decided to advertise our bed on Facebook to see if any other parents had the same problem and were looking for a solution.

From then our life's changed forever.

We knew how important it was that we followed health and safety guidelines before making our child's bed and we undertook specialised training to ensure that the safety of the products was top marks! Having children ourselves made us even more aware.

We had hundreds of messages in the first few weeks, asking about our product. We decided to make a group/page on Facebook to allow all of our customers who wanted more information to join the group, so that we could all communicate and share designs. Within 1 month we had over 1000 members which was incredible! We went on to make more bunk beds for family and friends and gradually built up a photo portfolio which included bunk beds with storage and practical objectives!! Our fan base grew and so did our team. We started to make bunk beds in our spare time and worked on many designs around our busy lives of been parents.

Over time the demand increased and our fan base grew and grew. We found that allowing customers to have hand made products, specifically designed to suit their requirements, at an affordable price, was defiantly in demand. We took the chance and gave the new business our all and quit our day jobs.

From  that day forward we have never looked back!

We are now delivering our products all around the UK, daily. We are giving parents the solution that we found, when we thought it was impossible! Funky Bunk Beds has now moved on from the basic bunk bed design and have gone forward in supplying solutions for parents who have more than two children, such as our large range of triples and quads! We allow customers to request alterations to any existing designs to make them suit their requirements and room!

As a family we now run this business for the love of children and the understanding of been parents.

Wood in our bones!

Our Family Generate from working within the wood work industry since 1940. Our Great Grandfather, Arthur Shirt,  started the family design and wood work loom over 75 years ago. As children we watched our Parents and Grandparents  make and design products which they then went on to sell to big industrial firms which is still running successfully to date. We do believe we will continue  to follow in feet of our Great Grandfather, through the love of woodwork and the brilliant creations that you can have through working with it!